Fitzmaurice Voicework: Six-Day Workshop
to May 30

Fitzmaurice Voicework: Six-Day Workshop

Fitzmaurice Voicework: Introduction and Review. 
A smorgasbord of FV techniques, touching on: Destructuring, Restructuring, Voice with Movement, Speech, Text, and Singing.

Taught by Catherine Fitzmaurice with Master Teacher Micha Espinosa and other Master & Associate Teachers.

I will be teaching on the Speech Day.

Register here.

Fitzmaurice Workshops

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Experiencing Speech
to Dec 20

Experiencing Speech

Knight-Thompson Speechwork is offering its workshop, Experiencing Speech, in NYC December 14-20. Certified Teacher Eliza Martin Simpson and I are co-teaching.

Experiencing Speech is a 6-day workshop that provides an introduction to KTS, covering vocal anatomy, the physicality of speech actions, practice of all the sounds in human language, descriptive phonetics, and the skills of adjusting linguistic detail in speech.

This workshop is a prerequisite for the KTS Teacher Certification, and the workshop can be taken in two parts. Registration and more info here. Join us!




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Experiencing Speech: Part One
to Aug 11

Experiencing Speech: Part One

This Summer in Singapore, KTS Teachers Julie Foh and Jeremy Sortore offer a three day workshop in Experiencing Speech: A playful, investigative, and thorough introduction to your vocal tract and the shapes of human language!

This three-day session (Part One) focuses on:

  • Awareness and practice of precise articulation action
  • The physical actions that produce all the sounds of the world’s languages—”Omnish”
  • Vocal Tract Posture—the articulatory basis for the sounds in accents and languages

This session will also prepare the participant for Part Two, which includes detailed phonetic transcription and an exploration of the skills of formal and informal speech. (No phonetic transcription will be used in Part One of the workshop.)

Registration and more info is here.

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An Introduction to Knight-Thompson Speechwork: Linguistic Detail in Singlish
11:45 AM11:45

An Introduction to Knight-Thompson Speechwork: Linguistic Detail in Singlish

Explore varying linguistic detail in speech, one of the fundamental concepts in Knight-Thompson Speechwork’s answer to the question, “if we don’t teach ‘standard speech,’ what do we teach?”

KTS Certified Teachers Julie Foh and Jeremy Sortore, in partnership with Singapore native Petrina Kow, will lead a physical exploration of how varying linguistic detail can inform character and story-telling. Come ready to play and to learn a little Singlish! No previous experience needed!

This workshop will be part of the annual Voice and Speech Trainers Association conference.

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Summer Voice Class
to Jul 20

Summer Voice Class

Instructor: Julie Foh
Dates: Thursdays June 29th, July 6th, 13th, 20th
Class fee: $175
Location: Alchemical Theatre Lab 104 West 14th Street, NYC
Email to register

In this class, we will "hit the gym" to provide a rigorous and careful vocal work-out for the working actor. Rooted in Fitzmaurice Voicework, we will energize and explore our vocal capacities by establishing a diversified routine of healthy exercises, including Tremorwork®, breath-impulse, resonance, and some occasional application of text. For all actors interested in preparing for an audition or rehearsal, or in developing their own vocal warm-up or practice. 

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